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Update - 05.18.15 1 week agoView comments...

Hey Cubers!

We have been rolling out MULTIPLE updates across the entire network and website to improve your experience with us. These are a mixture of bugfixes and new gametypes!

Introducing: Parkour Speedrunning

Compete to have the best times in our parkour speedrunning which can be found when you go through the Events Portal in the Hub! We will add new packs as we finish them alongside some packs which will be exclusive to premiums.

Website Updates

Our website has also been updated with new pictures of our server and a new look and feel across the whole site which I'm sure you will agree looks brilliant! A big thanks to Isaac for putting so much work into the server.


We now have a reporting system built right into the server using the command /report. The report command will either notify online staff of a rulebreaker or it will provide a chat log of the user's actions across the whole network! We will still be accepting all forms of evidence for reports until further notice. Please read the help provided when you type /report ingame before actually using the command!

TF2 is back!

Due to high demand, we have brought TF2 back and better than ever. We have tried to keep it as close to the original gametype as possible with the exact same maps as the classic server however with new map voting and 1.8 features. Try it out now!

Introducing: Eliminate

Eliminate is our beta gamemode which is a mashup of Parkour and PVP games, which will leave only one person left! Please be aware this game is still in beta and might break whilest you are playing it (Quite unlikely!). If this happens, alert a moderator via the Hub and a developer will be along to assess the game.

Hub Perks

We have also added some new Hub perks for donators in the form of "Farticles". You can access these at any time in the Hub by using the chest in your inventory. Donate today in order to gain access! (

Premium Expiration

All the people who bought premium since January had their premium reinstated for the first month the server was fully open. If you are one of these people and have not bought premium again recently, your premium will expire on the 19th May (Tomorrow!). This is because your month has expired and you will need to renew it at

Other Changes
- Added player counter to Hub selector and compass selector in Hub
- Added gamesigns in the forms of images (IN MINECRAFT?!)
- More gamemodes now provide borks
- Parkour James will now pay you for completing his parkour
- Fixed levels 9/10/11 on Parkour speedrunning (Ice Pack!)
- Fixed player hider on Parkour Speedrun
- Updated Scoreboard on SG
- Updated chests on SG
- Changed currency name to Borks
- Updated backend for better performance
- Added account verification on the forums
- Fixed Eliminate a bit more... (Lol)
- Changed scoreboard in Spleef so it doesn't flicker
- Slight Hub modification
- More gameservers have been put up!
- Added /ping

As you can tell, us developers and builders have been working super hard to get these updates out to you! If you spot anything wrong or any bugs or have a suggestion, feel free to email any thoughts to [email protected]

- Amico, Lead Developer/Admin
- Rest of the Team

CubeScape Maintenance - 05.12.15 2 weeks agoView comments...

Maintenance: 3PM-9PM GMT

The server will be under maintenance for 6 hours during a database moveover and load balancing! We will also be updating some games and implementing long awaited bug fixes, all of which will be listed after maintenance.

- Amico, Lead Developer/Admin

Update - 05.06.15 3 weeks agoView comments...

SERVER MAINTENANCE: The server will down for maintenance between 6PM-8PM (GMT) for vital backend patches.

Hey All,

We have been working our socks off to bring you some new features to the server. We recently hired two new developers into the team (dLange & JoshuaSonic), these guys will be working on some new features for both the Hub and some global network functions. We are hoping to announce a whole new gametype soon inspired by AntVenom's parkour speedruns and minecraft speedruns.

If you would like to apply for moderator, have a read of this:

- Amico, Lead Developer/Admin